Top 5 HR technologies you should be implementing

Top 5 HR technologies you should be implementing

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The primary function of the human resource department is getting suitable candidates for a project, keeping them motivated so they give their best performance. The recent developments in technology, such as using machine learning, AI tools, and other software, have enhanced HR activities. Implementing the innovations makes work easier, helps get the best talent, and enhances the retention rate. Let us see the 5 best technological trends that should be implemented to change the face of HR.

Top 5 technologies that change the face of HR:

Human resource management involves the elements of the latest technological advancements for better outcomes. Some of these are as follows:

i. Remote work through technological up-gradation:

The onset of the pandemic resulted in a boost in remote work. In such a scenario, technological up-gradation is essential to ensure the same learning opportunities for the employees in various time zones. Investing in technologies that let employees interact virtually, and collaborate easily with different teams, can result in better productivity.

ii. Self-service portal for employees:

Employees can access all the basic functionalities from any location using a self-service portal. Integrating this portal with different services such as payroll, attendance, and time makes them autonomous. This will strengthen employees’ relationship with the organisation, and when they continue for 3 years, they are more likely to continue further. It also results in better administrative efficiency, transparency, and enhanced employee morale.

iii. Performance management on a real-time basis:

Implementing this in the HR system helps talent managers to check which employees are putting efforts to contribute to a project. Employee satisfaction is also monitored. This helps in improving learning and development processes. Employees remain motivated as they are timely rewarded for their better performance.

iv. Using advanced machine learning to standardise hiring process:

The importance of human resources for an organisation makes it essential to avail AI and machine learning for easier hiring decisions. The algorithms can efficiently identify unsuitable candidates. A semi-automated and streamlined screening process is used for vetting. This helps in eliminating various unnecessary steps for hiring. Other uses of machine learning include the creation of analytical models to learn from large sources of data. The pattern can be identified without manual intervention, and thus a lot of essential deductions can be made from the available corporate information. So far, tools for machine learning are majorly focused on predictive analysis in the human resource space. AI tools help automate routine tasks, reduce bottlenecks during last-minute changes to enhance planning precision, and determine the workforce needed to handle a project.

v. Tools for reporting harassment

The technological advancements no longer need in-person meetings for notifying the management about abusive behaviour in the workspace. Messenger chats, hotlines, bias identifying tools in interviews, anonymous reporting tools, and others using AI and machine learning are helpful for the employees. These ensure a safer working environment and are essential for sound mental health and better productivity at the workplace.


The effectiveness of human resource management depends on how far technology is intertwined in the process. This is the reason there is a rise in the use of talent management platforms. Uses of machine learning have also gained popularity and AI tools since organisations know the importance of human resources and the need to enhance efficiency. It helps in staying in the frontrunners and improving business workflow. Attracting the best talent becomes easy, and building a team of experienced and innovative individuals who can develop the best strategies for helping the organisation prosper. Judiciously using the latest tools and technologies can change the face of HR and deliver much better experiences for the employees and customers.

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