Why #EasyHR is #Easy?

Why #EasyHR is #Easy?

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As we all are entering into an unexplored journey, #EasyHR would like to ‘justify’ the word ‘#easy’ in its title. Thus, trying to establish a real connection with our consumers and readers as well. Below listed out are the traits and reasons that make us #easy and simple in every which way.

User Friendly

"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." Says Brian Reed the podcast Guru and Senior Producer. Echoing the sentiment at #EasyHR we do not believe in creating technically advanced products for flaunting purposes. We genuinely try and built software that is practically viable and is easily usable. Keeping in mind the customer’s convenience we devise – ‘technology that does not feel like technology’.

The design and make of our products are formatted for fuss-free working experience. Understanding the widespread use of HR management systems. And the HR function is the most common and indispensable factor in workings of any company, be it big or small. Once you acquire the software the employees do not need weeks and not even days of laborious training. In all its actuality they can learn it on the job! For a confirmative experience take a Free Trial . Also, after you start using it, we can customize the HR management system as per your necessary requirements. Client satisfaction and need fulfillment is the core of our product design.

A boon for HR Administrators

Our products are premeditated to deliver all the HR essentials on to your fingertips. Presence, absence, employee information, alerts, notifications, managing recruitment processes, and more. All the information can be reached out and has a #worldwide24/7access. Matching steps with the paced out and the lively world! Check out the Administration Module to know better.

Uncomplicated Business Use

A commitment of privacy, confidentiality, compliance, and also customization for company CEOs and business managers. There will not be any compromise on the information security of your company. And as mentioned above we will manufacture a product as per your wants and usability for non-complex functionality.

Employee Comfort

The design brigade at #EasyHR works in sync with the user's sensibilities and purpose for a meaningful result. Influential employee self-service options that can be approached with a simple internet connection on #24*7 basis #globally.

Pocket Friendly

A super economical option available in the market, don’t trust us? Compare the prices, with our competition immediately. You will discover the HR software price we present is the best bargain for the highest worth. Our clients can pick and choose any which way they want, payment via monthly subscription plans, depending on the number of employees your company has and a one-time implementation fee.

Safe and Protected

To further elaborate and stress about the security of your company HR information, it is important to mention that it can be locked out and the access can be gained by you only. Not even #EasyHR can track it. We make use of a 256-bit SSL encryption, Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, and software security with 99.99% uptime #SLA.

Mobile HR Software

We also have an #EasyHR Mobile App.

Now you can make leave applications and get them approved, deal with work travel, expenses, and everything else with its help. Such as marking attendance and updating each employee’s daily status report. Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Described above is a package deal beneficial considering all the aspects crucial for a buyer. I hope we have distinctively explained and communicated all – Hands-on …. Inexpensive …. Secure. And for detailed know-how of our cloud software please contact us for a Free Demo.

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