The definition of a good HR Software

The definition of a good HR Software

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Shraddha Pandey works for an IT firm in Pune. She joined the company recently as a software developer. Before this she had been working as a freelancer for many years. Due to diligent and helping attitude, she has plenty of goodwill in the market. She has brought in several of her past clients to this company in return for which he has earned a set percentage as referral bonus from her present employer.

Shraddha has a client in Mumbai who is looking to scale up his start-up. Unwilling to let go of a good opportunity, she has set-up an off-site meeting with this client for the next day. However since she is new in this office and does not know many people, and her immediate boss is on leave, she does not know whom to approach for travel approval. She discussed the matter with a colleague, who told her that there is a lot of red tape involved and an instant approval would be difficult.

Shraddha is in a fix now. What can she do? That gives her an idea! She realises that all this bureaucratic hassle would have been avoidable if her new company had in place a process--driven, #HRSoftware for travel leave approvals.

For instance, at  EasyHR we provide our clients a service called Employee Travel & Outdoor Management, which can simplify travel leave processing with a click of a mouse. The response from the market to this software has been tremendous and it’s not difficult to guess why.

The global HR Software market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2.4% and expected to touch $9.2 billion by 2024, as per Market a professional research agency, whose 47% clientele comprise of Fortune 500 companies.

“If clerical tasks, such as record keeping and payroll, are performed by the software, then the employees in the human resource department can focus on more important issues.” says Sintija Valdez in her write up for Cake HR, a #HRSoftware company in the UK.

How Does the EasyHR Solution Work?

A simple-to-implement model designed by EasyHR works in three steps: -

  1. Travel Request –An employee can put a request and within minutes it will be conveyed to the authority. It will contain all the basic information, such as the number of days, purpose of the visit and so on. It also includes, who bears the expenses the client or the company.
  2. Travel History – There will be a record of all the visits made by the employee. Complete history about approved and non-approved application. The manager can easily access this information, as well as travel schedule of other employees.
  3. Travel Request Approval – The request will be passed on to approvers as per the hierarchy. They can access the required information and take a call.

A transparent and time saving approach, avoiding any lapse situation. A structure with hundred percent professional outlook – that’s the beauty of this model. The best win-win feature of this EasyHR solution is-

A Centralized Employee Directory - The storage and maintenance of employee information is a mundane task. This safe and hassle-free feature will turn it into a cakewalk.

The key facets of this feature are:

  1. Employee Information – The centralised database system which maintains complete employee information, along with to-the-point employee information with a fuss-free interface for viewing it.
  2. Team Structure - The data records of your company will be stored as per the specially designed layout. The EasyHR software automatically maintains a team structure and organization charts. There is an automated system to change the names once the manager has changed.
  3. Employee Search – The search is as simple as it gets, one can search with employee code. An advanced search can be performed as per aspects such as manager or department and so on.

Best of all, our clients can have this piece of useful software customized before deployment according to their needs and budget. We can talk about more features of the #EasyHR software in the next instalment. Leaving with some more interesting insights about the future:

Very soon 42% businesses will substitute their HR system with a cloud-based solution forecasts Sumit Sabharwal, Managing Director of Excelity Global, in an interview to The Economic Times.

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction, says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and as world’s top billionaire, he should know.

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